What we do

1GJV is focusing in a well-structured plans of Productions of Films, Media and Distributing them in Canada and around the world, through financing 'in-house', as INDIE Independent Films Productions, in order to obtain higher ROI.

We believe in visions endowed with capabilities, skills, and a great organizational focus; such factors must work together in a perfect harmony, in a well-balanced integration which undoubtedly would give the expected goal. Entertainment industry, is highly competitive, but as any other industry anyway, it's a matter to be able to have the adequate resources supporting the power of integration just mentioned. We do not want to talk about experience, skills, capabilities, but we want to talk about certainty, that 's the critical factor that often is not achievable, certainty is "everything". Our point of view is to work on CERTAINTY basing our endeavours on maturity levels in order to boost such capability of certainty. And we possess this power, and 1GJV PLAN has the scope to elaborate the path toward to a much more than an acceptable financial return.

Our focus is organizational, keeping eyes on well elaborated risk management for film productions applying best practices (CMMI models). Audience focus, contents analysis, selected cooperation artistically enhanced. We make the interests of our investors acting as direct management of the film production, together with the executive production in the field. Funds, will be activated by a weekly plan related at the work flow levels. Everything is legally binding.

AVAILABLE: international co-productions grants/tax-rebates, local institutions media equity financing, private equity financing.


Films and TV

We produce films and TV Shows independetely financed, and directly distributed in Canada and Worldwide. For the complete detailed business plan contact us



About production from Development, Creative, to Pre-Production, Casting, Locations, Administration, Publicity, Allocations, Sales worldwide.


Digital Platform

We are working on a project to create a DIGITAL PLATFORM in order to let INDIE films products to ba available to public, from all around the world. Also Vintage.

We are onto creative

We select literature, or we develop our literature. We think what the best entertainment can be suitable for our audiences. Canada and worldwide.


Best Practices system

We believe in films art, but also as entrepreneurs we believe in a good product that must be endowed by a good organization, well strucutred.



CANADA, that's where we are and where we want to contribute, to economy and entertainment, but we are present also in U.K., Italy, France, Spain, Germany, U.S.A., Australia, Thailand, Japan.



We love, contents, we focus in contents which would be highly motivating, but also Visual Effects is part of our package.



We have in our rosters, sales representative practically in all countries of Europe, and North America, Australia, Thailand and Asia.

"profitability is the fundamental matter in the 1GJV PLAN"

Watch the latest PITCHES by Marco Taloni related to the 300% of ROI for the Film Project Ongoing: secured site to SEXUAL ADDICT SREDEMPTION Pitching/

Deatails about the strategies planned for the goal set.


North American Native issue about abuse and disappearance of native women - 2022 a film project in pre-production development. Pitching will be soon available. Soon - the video pitch will be available


In the meantime access to the INVESTOR PAGE where there critical information how to be part of these projects and how to access to higher ROI with higher certainty of succeeding. secured site for INVESTORS - info - detailed plans - becoming an Investor with 1GJV Media


Genres Covered

We do everything!


Our Connections

Our Map

"ROI 60%-300%"

You are able to access to the 1GJV PLAN pdf file, to download, or read online. you can contact us and request the PSW to acces to it, or asking to send it by e-mail. It's a detailed Business Plan of 42 pages, explaining clearly how to achieve a minimal 80% ROI in a shorter term. There is the possibility to participate to this project and own the shares to engage a continuity of 60% even 300% in certain cases of return.