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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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woman Carruthers, Allison Jardine "Ellen" 0.33 X Alexander Speers* ‎ 1871* Avening, Clearview, ON, Canada† ‎ 1970
woman Carruthers, Amber Mae 0.28221 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Andrew Garreck 0.37361 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Carruthers, Ann Rothwell 0.3121 X Thomas Jagniski PRIVACY FILTER
woman Carruthers, Ardelle 0.3731 X Paul Gilchrist PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Arthur Victor 0.373 X Del Sheer PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Carruthers, Brenda Joan 0.3721 * ‎ 1957-08-25* Avening, Clearview, ON, Canada† ‎ 1969-09-30
man Carruthers, Brian 0.3143 * ‎ 1954† ‎ 1958
man Carruthers, Brian Murray 0.3723 X Sandra Gee PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Bruce 0.3113 X Joan 0.3113's Spouse PRIVACY FILTER
woman Carruthers, Catherine May 0.2811 X Robin Lockhart PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Charles Walter 0.282 X Audrey McLean* ‎ 1927-09-15* Barrie, ON, Canada
man Carruthers, Charles Wattie 0.3A * ‎ 1886* Avening, Clearview, ON, Canada† ‎ 1976
man Carruthers, Colin 0.31161 PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Daniel Arthur Christopher 0.37311 PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Danny 0.3734 * ‎ 1959† ‎ 1967
man Carruthers, David Allen 0.31541 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Carruthers, Debra Lyn 0.3732 X Michael Estey PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Duncan Coutts 0.34 X Annie Henry* ‎ 1873* Avening, Clearview, ON, Canada† ‎ 1966
woman Carruthers, Effie Agnes 0.38 X H. H. VanRenssleaer* ‎ 1881* Avening, Clearview, ON, Canada† ‎ 1966
woman Carruthers, Elizabeth Rhys 0.3122 X Dale Posgate PRIVACY FILTER
woman Carruthers, Eve Kirdwood 0.3114 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Carruthers, Francis Elizabeth 0.313 1st X Robert Brenen, 2nd X George Peters, 3rd X Dr Townsend* ‎ 1912† ‎ 1979
man Carruthers, George 0.31 X Edith Lewis* ‎ 1868* Avening, Clearview, ON, Canada† ‎ 1947
man Carruthers, George Lewis 0.311 X Eleanor Black* ‎ 1906
woman Carruthers, Gillian Louise 0.3153 X Derek Moore PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Carruthers, Grace Mabel 0.36 X Rev. William Grant* ‎ 1876* Avening, Clearview, ON, Canada† ‎ 1965
man Carruthers, Hugh 0.31511 PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Hugh David 0.3151 X Dorothy Miller PRIVACY FILTER
man Carruthers, Hugh Donald 0.315 X Mary Crouch PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER

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