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man Finlay, Alexander "Sandy" X Euphemia 0.6 Coutts* ‎ 1851
man Finlay, Alexander Osborne 0.631 X Emily Grace Pickering* ‎ 1915-05-01* Midhurst, Springwater, ON, Canada† ‎ 1989-11-04
woman Finlay, Alexandra Helen 0.6311 X William Edgar Chappel PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Finlay, Arthur Coutts 0.61 * ‎ 1881-08* Midhurst, Springwater, ON, Canada† ‎ 1927-10
man Finlay, Austen Wayne 0.63141 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Finlay, Catharine Grace 0.6313 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Finlay, Dorothy Effie 0.634 X Alfred J. Atkins* ‎ 1921-01-25* Midhurst, Springwater, ON, Canada
man Finlay, Ernest Alexander 0.62 * ‎ 1883-07* Midhurst, Springwater, ON, Canada† ‎ 1917-08
man Finlay, Ernest Aubrey 0.635 X Lavilla Bell Wood* ‎ 1924-06-13* Midhurst, Springwater, ON, Canada† ‎ 1987-09-08
woman Finlay, Evelyn Mae 0.632 X Edward B. Doran PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Finlay, George 0.63 X Margaret Helen Osborne* ‎ 1885-06* Midhurst, Springwater, ON, Canada† ‎ 1938-05-24
man Finlay, Harold X Estelle Jane 0.24 Coutts* ‎before 1890† ‎before 1970
woman Finlay, Helen Margery 0.633 X William Hudson Burns* ‎ 1918-09-03* Midhurst, Springwater, ON, Canada† ‎ 1983-01-14
woman Finlay, Joanne Lynda 0.6351 1st X Glen Partridge, 2nd X Ken Vincent PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Finlay, Johnson William 0.6315 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Finlay, Katelyn Holly 0.63142 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Finlay, Robert George 0.6314 X Cynthia Jill Franks PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Finlay, Susanne Margaret 0.6312 X Douglas James Lambie PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER

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