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woman McGillis, Georgina Jane X Allen Garfield 0.132 Coutts* ‎ 1920-11-02† ‎ 0!-1973-03-21† Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
woman 0.2151's Spouse, Sandra X Peter Arthur 0.2151 Malmburg PRIVACY FILTER
woman 0.22221's Spouse, Sheila X Ronald William 0.22221 Canning PRIVACY FILTER
woman 0.22223's Spouse, Pat X Gordon Allen 0.22223 Canning PRIVACY FILTER
woman 0.2632's Spouse, Jackolyn X Paul Douglas 0.2632 Griffin
woman 0.29111's Spouse, Connie X Derek Norman 0.29111 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
woman 0.3113's Spouse, Joan X Bruce 0.3113 Carruthers PRIVACY FILTER
woman 0.3116's Spouse, Cheryl X James 0.3116 Carruthers PRIVACY FILTER
woman 0.363's Spouse, Raye X Wallace 0.363 Grant* ‎before 1920
woman 0.41121's Spouse, Annette X Benjamin 0.41121 Swelin PRIVACY FILTER
woman 0.41322's Spouse, Nola X Brant Edward 0.41322 Fischer PRIVACY FILTER
man 0.41422's Spouse, Unknown X Diane Mary 0.41422 Szoke
woman 0.6341's Spouse, Unknown X Christopher Robin 0.6341 Atkins PRIVACY FILTER
woman 0.82321's Spouse, Unknown X Bart Craig 0.82321 Nicholson
woman Addy, Suzanne Louise X John Norman 0.8712 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
woman Ainsley, Marilyn X Allan Douglas 0.893 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
woman Anderson, Aleta Marie 0.1411 X Lawrence Henry Mumby PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Anderson, James Delford 0.1413 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Anderson, Joyce Elaine 0.1412 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Arholt, James X Leslie Gerald 0.4114 Swelin PRIVACY FILTER
woman Armstrong, Doris X Lyle Robert 0.4132 Fisher PRIVACY FILTER
woman Arnott, Leslie Jill 0.55312 PRIVACY FILTER
man Arnott, William W. X Kathleen Ann 0.5531 McFadden* ‎ 1929-12-15
man Atkins, Alfred J. X Dorothy Effie 0.634 Finlay PRIVACY FILTER
man Atkins, Alfred John 0.6343 PRIVACY FILTER
man Atkins, Christopher Robin 0.6341 X Unknown 0.6341's Spouse PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Atkins, Samuel Markham 0.63411 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Aukema, Kimberley Elaine X Andrew Lloyd 0.8912 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
man Austen, Adam Bethune 0.72121 PRIVACY FILTER
man Austen, Ian Ronald X Sara Elizabeth 0.7212 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER

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