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woman Catling, Devon Margret Sarah 0.82342 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Catling, Lindsay Kathryn Anna 0.82341 PRIVACY FILTER
man Catling, Paul X Karen Ann 0.8234 Miller PRIVACY FILTER
woman Cavers, Anne X John Lewis 0.3123 Carruthers* ‎before 1950
woman Chandler, Allison 0.83132 & Significant Other PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Chandler, Geoffrey X Joan Thelma 0.8313 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
man Chandler, Matthew Russell 0.83131 PRIVACY FILTER
man Chandler, Thomas Marten 0.83133 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Chapman, Lorraine X George Lynn 0.833 Coutts* ‎ 1919† ‎ 1995-03-04
woman Chappel, Catherine Alexandra 0.63111 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Chappel, Heather Evelyn 0.63112 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Chappel, Margaret Grace 0.63113 PRIVACY FILTER
man Chappel, Timothy Walter 0.63114 PRIVACY FILTER
man Chappel, William Edgar X Alexandra Helen 0.6311 Finlay* ‎ 1939-04-26
man Chown, Alexander 0.3611 * ‎ 1951
man Chown, Dr. X Allison 0.361 Grant* ‎before 1910
woman Christensen, Janet Michelle 0.25132 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Christensen, Jennifer Lynn 0.25131 PRIVACY FILTER
man Christensen, Martin X Sandra Jean 0.2513 Pettit* ‎ 1943-02-19
man Coates, Calib Lesley 0.82521 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Coates, Jeremey Philip 0.82523 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Coates, Luke Edward 0.82522 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Coates, Philip X Angela Jean 0.8252 Hughes PRIVACY FILTER
woman Coburn, Eleanor Naomi X John Alexander 0.121 "Sandy" Coutts* ‎ 1906-09-05* Alliston, ON, Canada† ‎ 1973-09-07
man Coe, Dale Robert 0.21742 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Coe, Dawn Lucinda 0.21741 X John Hallyburton PRIVACY FILTER
woman Coe, Deborah May 0.21743 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Coe, Dorothy X William James 0.295 Coutts* ‎before 1930
man Coe, Robert X Sandra Dianne 0.2174 Kenny* ‎before 1949
woman Collingridge, Elsa Rose X David Peter 0.2563 Ferguson* ‎ 1951-01-22* Fort Erie ON Canada

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