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woman Crowder, Charlene X Wesley Glenn Douglas 0.8254 Hughes PRIVACY FILTER
woman Croxon, Loriece X James Douglas 0.2622 Spence PRIVACY FILTER
woman Cryderman, Darryl Lynn 0.25332 X Ernse Schmidt PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Cryderman, Deborah Cheryl 0.25331 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Cryderman, Terry X Linda Ellen 0.2533 Marshall* ‎ 1946-07-13
woman Cumming, Agnes McQueen X William John Alexander 0.1213 Coutts* ‎ 1946-05-26* Scotland, UK
woman Cunningham, Karen X Patrick Edward 0.6321 Doran PRIVACY FILTER
man Cunningham, Leslie Gordon X Sadie May 0.74 Coutts* ‎ 1896-11-05† ‎ 1986-11-28
woman Currell, Diane Patricia 0.25612 1st X Ted Tai, 2nd & David Alan Edwards PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Currell, Don X Iris Marion 0.2561 Ferguson PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Currell, Jennifer Mary 0.25611 * ‎ 1971-12-16* Leamington, ON, Canada† ‎ 1981-05-29
woman Currell Tai, Olivia 0.256121 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Currell Tai, Sydney 0.256122 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Dadial, Michelle X Peter James 0.7221 Maden PRIVACY FILTER
woman Daley, Gladys May X Forbes Alexander 0.85 Coutts* ‎ 1899-03-31† ‎ 1988-07-26
woman Davidson, Kathryn X Stephen George 0.3154 Carruthers* ‎before 1950
man Davies, John X Myrtle Gertrude 0.823 Coutts* ‎before 1926
woman Davis, Barbara Louise 0.2231 X Victor Belton* ‎ 1934-02-04* Barrie, ON, Canada
man Davis, Clifford X Orma Jean 0.223 Knupp* ‎before 1910[] ‎ 1986
man Dawney, Geoffrey X Barbara Faye 0.2171 Kenny* ‎before 1950
woman Dawney, Lucinda Wendy 0.21711 X Robert Hughson PRIVACY FILTER
woman Dawney, Susanne Rosemary 0.21712 X Michael Elines PRIVACY FILTER
man Deleyiannis, Nick X Merle Gertrude 0.2914 Coutts* ‎ 1939-11-06
man Dermott, Christopher Douglas X Carla Marie 0.82141 Birnie
woman DeSilva, Lisette X Angus John 0.2564 Ferguson PRIVACY FILTER
woman Desmarais, Dianna Lee X Murray James 0.8315 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
man Dickson, Barry X Tammy Marie 0.41413 McLaws PRIVACY FILTER
woman Doner, Melissa S. 0.8831 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Doner, Robert X Barbara Jean Gail 0.883 Coutts* ‎ 1945-04-07

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