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woman Doner, Suzanne R. 0.8832 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Doran, Edward B. X Evelyn Mae 0.632 Finlay* ‎ 1920† ‎ 1961
woman Doran, Erin Lynn 0.63212 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Doran, Patrick Edward 0.6321 X Karen Cunningham PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Doran, Ryan Patrick 0.63211 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Doran, William John 0.6322 PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Doret, Franca X Brant William 0.8223 Hubbert PRIVACY FILTER
woman Dowling, Paula Elizabeth X David Charles 0.1331 Coutts* ‎ 1953-06-29
man Drury, Charles Craig X Sandra Leigh 0.25321 Marshall PRIVACY FILTER
woman Drury, Sarah May 0.253211 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Dunbar, Heather X James Allen 0.1321 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Earl, David James X Sandra Jane 0.8521 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
woman Easton, Alexandra Jane 0.132321 PRIVACY FILTER
man Easton, Nathan X Danielle Roberta 0.13232 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
man Easton, William Robert 0.132322 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Edwards, Amy X C. Adam 0.12622 Coutts PRIVACY FILTER
man Edwards, David Alan & Diane Patricia 0.25612 Currell* ‎ 1954-10-19
woman Edwards, Ella Lucinda X Duncan McHardy 0.21 Coutts* ‎ 1878† ‎ 1937
man Elines, Michael X Susanne Rosemary 0.21712 Dawney PRIVACY FILTER
man Elines, Mitchell Geoffrey PRIVACY FILTER
woman Elizabeth, Catherine X Dale Aubrey 0.8233 Miller PRIVACY FILTER
woman Ellis, Virginia X Douglas Robertson 0.723 Coutts* ‎before 1930
man Ellwood, Allen Rodger 0.4143 X Sheila June Symes* ‎ 1940-04-24
woman Ellwood, Arlene Francis 0.4142 X Alex Szoke* ‎ 1934-01-19
man Ellwood, Kevin 0.41431 PRIVACY FILTER
woman Ellwood, Mary Elaine 0.4141 X John McLaws* ‎ 1932-10-04
man Ellwood, Roy X Estella Mae 0.414 Black* ‎ 1910-05-09
woman Empter, Lori Ann Marie X Bryce Fay 0.41312 Motley PRIVACY FILTER
man Estey, Michael X Debra Lyn 0.3732 Carruthers PRIVACY FILTER
man Estey, Michael Aaron 0.37322 PRIVACY FILTER

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