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Forever My Most Powerful Supporter

The Story of the Dale Clark Memorial Fund Advancement of Women

When Dale passed away in 2005, it was after a very short, known battle with cancer. Dale and I had been together for over 30 years. We were best friends - soul mates in every sense of the word. Through our many years together, Dale was ALWAYS my touch point, my anchor, and my biggest and best supporter. I often was given accolades for being the first woman who .... What many people overlooked was that, by definition, Dale too was blazing new paths - that loving spouse behind the woman. He suffered many bad jokes, tacky remarks, and through it all maintained his grace, his dignity, and his wonderful sense of humor. And he was forever my most powerful supporter.

And so, when it was time to begin planning his passing, I asked him if he wanted to identify a worthy cause for friends' contributions to honor his memory. In typical Dale style, he wasn't thinking of himself but, rather, of me. He quickly and confidently said he wanted to continue to support me in doing the work I loved to do and that helped so many people. Of course, he said that. And from that loving place, the Dale Clark Memorial Fund Advancement of Women was created. It is a fund intended to provide scholarships for deserving women to attend the Power of Self Program.

Our first Dale Clark Memorial Fund Advancement of Women Scholarship recipient was Desiree Lyle, a participant in Class #7, SWARM - Strong Women Are Really Magnificent!! She represents every aspect of what Dale believed in - smart, thoughtful, kind, witty, and giving. Below is the complete list of the women who have been recipients of a Dale Clark Memorial Fund Advancement of Women Scholarship:

  • POS   7 — Desiree Lyle
  • POS   8 — Charmione Marcell
  • POS   9 — Ratna Jenna Sturz
  • POS 10 — Jen Griffin
  • POS 11 — Dorayne Breedlove
  • POS 12 — Sarah Cotton Nelson
  • POS 13 — Sallie Wells
  • POS 14 — Jessica Slie Trudeau & Janet Davis
  • POS 15 — Tiffani Davis & Susie Wolbe
  • POS 16 — Manibala Jonnalagadda & Sheryldine Samuel
  • POS 17 — Song Pardue
  • POS 18 — Staceye Randle

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to honor my husband's memory and his support of me and, therefore, all the women I work to support every day. Each of us can make a difference.

With love and appreciation,

Marsha Clark

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