Referred to as Sask. WTF, Grand Master Kee S. Ha and Grand Master Sung Ju Kim founded this non profit corporation in 1981. The mandate was to provide the benefits of the World Taekwondo  (WT) to the people of Saskatchewan.

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 2019 Saskatchewan WT Taekwondo Sparring Camp

complete and submit must be minimum of 13 and Blue Belt.

Entry deadline is Midnight March 22, 2019

Last Name:   Sex  Male  Female
First Name:   Age: on 2019/01/01
    Address: Date of Birth
          City: Postal Code:
    Phone 1: -  Phone 2:
          Club: - Zone
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                   (Highest Level achieved)
        KEUP: or DAN: - DAN #:

   Black Belt Match Experience:  Number of Local:     
Match Experience: 
                                                           Number of Regional:     
Number of National:     
Number of International:     

 Hospitalization #  - Company Name:

Additional Medical Insurance #  - Company Name:

     Master Coaches Name:


I, the undersigned, do hereby voluntarily submit my application for attendance and participation in the 2019 Saskatchewan WT Taekwondo Sparring Camp. I do hereby assume all responsibility for any and all damages, injuries or loss of personal possessions that I may sustain or incur, while attending or participating. I hereby waive all claims against Yorkton Taekwondo Schools, the promoters, sponsors, associations, facilitators, or other competitors of said tournament individually or otherwise, for any damages, injuries, or losses that I may sustain or incur. I fully understand that any medical treatment given to me will be by a licensed Emergency Medical technician (EMT or Paramedic). I hereby give permission that in case of emergency (in the opinion of the EMT or EMT-P) that I may be transported to the hospital by ambulance for further treatment as a precautionary measure. 

I hereby certify that I have not suffered a concussion, head injury, loss of consciousness or blow to the head followed by dizziness, memory loss or headache in any activity in the past 30 days. 

Any pictures taken of me in connection with the tournament may be used for publicity, promotion or television thereto

Check here to agree with above waiver (required)

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e-transfer: - - password: last name on form.

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if you wish to E-TRANSFER the $20 payment to the Sask WT.
Please send payment confirmation to:  and 306-621-9696.  With member last name as password.

If people wish to pay electronically they will be advised that there is a $2 surcharge.

Upon receipt of the payment, a receipt will be sent to you from Sask WT to confirm your registration.  You may wish to forward your receipt to your instructor as proof of membership prior to any competitions. Please do not ALSO register with your club, this would create a DUPLICATE. The duplication payment will be considered a donation to Sask WT, not refunded. Entry deadline is Midnight March 22, 2019.



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